About Us

Who are we?

MAXVEC provides the finest quality of products and services, and we will accomplish the most satisfactory services to our clients, both loyal clients and potential clients.

Effectiveness and efficiencies are two most important features in our working method. We made ourselves useful, helpful and valuable to our clients. Our tasks are well organised and we are self competent and resourceful in every single task we undertake.

Through extensive involvement in providing solutions for most modern business problems MAXVEC has assembled a network of expert consultants in most sectors of IT, electronics and training. We have consistently hired the best professionals available from every discipline necessary. By gathering them all under one umbrella, we are able to offer each client the full array of services that will allow them to achieve their goals efficiently and completely.

Our Mission

We are geared to equip the workforce with the latest products, knowledge and specialised up-to-date skills in the ICT and service sectors. We at MAXVEC believe that nothing is impossible and there is always solution for everything.

Thus, it is our responsibility to turn our clients’ visions into reality. Our efforts reflect combination of best available product, advanced technologies, social responsibility and superior ethical conduct.

Business Philosophy

  • We believe that business will only succeed when they have the right people with the right motivations. We have thus built our company’s values by living out this philosophy. We also believe in forming close alliances with our clients and thus providing them with an optimal combination of technical excellence and cost-effective solutions to solve their problems.
  • MAXVEC takes a different approach than most IT companies. We believe quick fixes to IT problems leave too much room for bigger headaches and costs down the road. As our name says, we’re in business to provide long-term, comprehensive solutions for our clients’ IT needs that put their company in a position to prosper. We don’t just patch holes in a server - we work with our clients to find out why the holes were there in the first place and make sure they will never see another one.
  • Give us a problem, and we’ll look at it from every angle - technical, economic, and strategic before presenting our clients with a solid, cost-effective solution. We do this by making sure we’re in tune with our clients’ business goals. All these, by hiring only the best certified consultants, refining our systems and procedures everyday, and by always working to earn our clients’ trust. Anything less would be wasting our clients’ money.

Product & Services

What We Deliver

MAXVEC offers an extensive range of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions, including:

ICT System
Office Automation
Application Development
Database Integration
Internet Security
Website Design
Network Security

There are lots of things you can do to improve the way your business runs. But did you ever try to change something about your business only to find that you couldn't because your off-the-shelf software wouldn't support it?

We focus in developing custom software systems for business use. Our software services include systems analysis, software development programming, quality assurance/testing and software maintenance. We develop custom software systems that run on Windows or Linux operating systems: whether it be server or client.

Our software development department specialises in developing bespoke programs, developed to our client’s specific requirements. No one knows their own business better than our clients, and what they need to increase sales, cost-efficiency and profit margins.

We will work with our clients to understand their business objectives and expectations. We will then analyse, design, implement, and maintain a system that helps them to achieve exactly what they want and how they want it to be. Software and technology can often provide the most cost-effective catalyst for momentum and growth.

All software systems created for our clients will remain their property and would be completely bespoke. MAXVEC will support the application throughout the life of the product if this is required.

Printing Services
Maintenance & Repair
PC Rental

Our close association with all key vendors ensures our consultants are fully aware of new products and technologies and able to advise you accordingly. With direct links to manufacturers and wholesalers around the world, we can also offer outstanding value and speedy fulfillment on an exceptional selection of enterprise products.

We source computer spares, end of life and legacy parts and equipment through our global suppliers network. With over 50,000 contacts worldwide we ensure we can find the parts you need at the best possible price.

PC Rental

There are many good reasons to consider renting equipment, including:

  • Software and benchmark testing.
  • Trade shows and other exhibitions.
  • Seminars and computer training.
  • Workstations for contractors.
  • Year end and other peak workload times.
  • Short term projects.
  • Availability problems.
  • Expenditure constraints.

MAXVEC rental programme is based on continued requests from their customers for both short and long term rentals. We offer tailored solutions to meet all your needs. Whether you need a PC for a day or a network solution for a year then MAXVEC is your perfect partner.

Maintenance & Repair

Our maintenance service is tailored to meet your exact requirements in terms of response, hours of cover, type and duration of contract required. Our fully computerised call control system enables us to track service calls, monitor call rates, ensure all calls receive the required response and ensure we maintain our service levels at all times.

In addition to this as part of our quality control, customers receive a call back after the call has been completed to ensure that the service provided met with their expectations.

At MAXVEC, we know the trauma of out of action PCs can bring to a business or home user and bearing this in mind, and where possible, we offer an onsite repair service to our customers. One of the biggest concerns of our clients apart from 'what will it cost' and 'how long' will it take to repair, is the possible loss of valuable personal files. Should your computer be damaged in such a way either through hard drive failure, software corruption or a virus etc, we will try to recover your files for you and minimize the damage to your data.

We provide service 7 days a week, and are on call for those customers who need support. This has enabled us to build up a wide ranging and loyal customer base including manufacturers, local authorities and distribution companies.

Through our experience in the provision of IT support we have developed a great deal of expertise in providing our customers with the service levels they need. Our flexible approach enables us to respond rapidly and effectively when required. We believe we are big enough to cope with your network but small enough to care about your business.

Hard Drive Degaussers

With new regulations in effect like HIPAA and GLB-Act, and standards such as ISO 27000 series, keeping company, employee and customer information private is mandatory. Our degaussers will help you meet these new physical safeguard regulations by completely demagnetizing all data from hard drives and tapes.

Although the degausser models listed below have been designed to erase hard drives, their strong degaussing fields will also erase today's high-coercivity tape such as DLT, SDLT, 3480's, AIT and more.

Degaussing gives you in-house control of all sensitive and private information. Computers have been designed to be resilient. They allow information to be recovered if accidentally deleted or even if the hard drive has been reformatted. Even after deleting or reformatting the hard drive, magnetic patterns of existing data still exists on the disk platters. Degaussing demagnetizes the entire hard drive including the disk platters - leaving no magnetic patterns on the hard drive.

Once degaussed, the hard drive will be unusable and will not be recognized by the computer. In fact, the erasure is so deep that the factory written servo tracks on the disk platters are also demagnetized leaving no reference points for the read heads to key in on.

When disposing of computer hard drives, it is simply not enough to delete, reformat or overwrite the information. The only solution that guarantees 100% data erasure form hard drives is to use a degausser.

The process of degaussing is achieved by passing the hard drive, through a powerful magnetic field, which rearranges the metallic particles, completely removing any resemblance of the original data. Even if the hard drive is not working, the degaussing process can be used to ensure that data contained is removed completely and cannot be recovered.

Note: Non-working hard drives contain all of the original data and can be easily recovered. Degaussing provides the quickest (under 30 seconds) and most complete erasure of all hard drives.


SDD Master





Hard Drive Destroyers

Hard Drive Degaussers & Destroyers

NSA Approved Degaussers & Destroyers
CF-750 II-A
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